6 brick-themed locations for the ultimate LEGO road trip

From theme parks to art installations, you don’t have to be a Master Builder to enjoy these spectacular LEGO attractions throughout the U.S.

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Created by Roadtrippers - April 27th 2022

Whether you’re an aspiring LEGO Masters contestant or are simply looking for a family-friendly road trip for the tiny brick lovers in your life, here are six LEGO locations to entertain, inspire, and bring out the Master Builder in all of us.

1 Legoland Dr, Carlsbad, CA, US

Legoland California

1968mi 29h 55m

164 S Avenue, Bloomington, MN, US

The Lego® Store

417mi 06h 44m

5700 S DuSable Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL, US

Museum of Science & Industry

477mi 07h 50m

4597 Noble St, Bellaire, OH, US

Bellaire Toy & Plastic Brick Museum

446mi 07h 26m

39 Fitzgerald St, Yonkers, NY, US

Legoland Discovery Center Westchester

235mi 04h 02m

200 Bedford St, Manchester, NH, US

See Science Center


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