Canada Trip

  • 7
  • 51:58
  • 2,880 mi
  • $442
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Created by RV Canucks - November 21st 2020

560 Perry Street, Centre Wellington, Canada

375km 04h 19m

Selected Location, East Ferris, Canada

643km 07h 36m

60 Blais Road, Hearst, Canada

399km 04h 21m

Highway 17 North, Nipigon, Canada

Sault Ste. Marie Museum

690 Queen St E, ON, CA

Sault Ste. Marie Museum

Thunder Bay Observatory

243 Klages Rd, ON, CA

Thunder Bay Observatory

3216km 35h 42m


RV Canucks

The people behind the RV Canucks Podcast, we're a Canadian family of four, lifelong campers, we're living the part-time RV life all over North America, one KM at a time from our base in SW Ontario...when we're not restoring our vintage 1964 travel trailer, that is!