N & L’s Road Trip II

West to East - US-20, The Longest Road. East to West - 'The Great Northern'; a 3,600 Mile Crossing

  • 53
  • 155:38
  • 8,613 mi
  • $1301
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Created by BeattieClan - January 4th 2020

287km 03h 51m
209km 02h 16m

Burns, Oregon, United States

303km 03h 27m
145km 01h 50m
79km 01h 25m
Yellowstone National Park

Grand Loop Rd, Mammoth, WY, US

Yellowstone National Park

352km 04h 05m

Alliance, Nebraska, United States

262km 03h 06m

Valentine, Nebraska, United States

340km 03h 32m

Waterloo, Iowa, United States

145km 01h 36m

Dubuque, Iowa, United States

182km 02h 01m

Elkhart, Indiana, United States

217km 02h 23m