Grand Teton National Park in One Day

Don't miss these stops if you only have one day to explore the Grand Tetons!

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Created by The Stoke Fam - August 11th 2019

Originally, our trip only included Yellowstone. But, we realized we were going to be too close to miss out on the beauty of the Tetons. So, we rearranged and dedicated a day to visiting the Tetons...and, we are so glad we did.

Now, we just can't wait to make another trip and explore even more! You can find the full details of our day at

Photo of Schwabacher Landing

Highway 89, WY, US

Schwabacher Landing

The perfect early morning place to watch the sunrise. Peace, quiet, and beauty....perfection.

6mi 00h 11m
Photo of T.A. Moulton Barn

Grand Teton National Park, Moose, WY, US

T.A. Moulton Barn

11mi 00h 23m

A great place to stop in on your way across the river for a hike. We took the boat across to the trails to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. We detail our entire time hiking at Jenny Lake here:

5mi 00h 10m
Photo of String Lake

Alta, WY, US

String Lake

String Lake is so shallow in spots you can walk all the way across in some areas! Besides that, it is a peaceful lake with stunning scenery to enjoy. We even ended up doing a little yoga by the lakeshore. 🙂 It turned out to be one of our favorites!

Ultimately, this was the perfect family itinerary to get an overview of Grand Teton! It was super easy to add a single day before heading on into Yellowstone for our next 3 days.

We absolutely can't wait to go back for more hiking and epic views.

Banner Photo Credit: Tiffany from The Stoke Fam