The Definitive Elvis Presley Guide to Memphis

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Created by debiclapper - June 8th 2018

There's no doubt that Memphis was essential in turning Elvis Presley into the King of Rock... and that Elvis's legacy has, in turn, helped put Memphis on the map as a destination for music-lovers. Elvis blended country with rhythm and blues in a way that only could come from a place like Memphis, and Elvis definitely had a deep love for the city in return. It seems like The King frequented most restaurants here, his songs pour out from bars into the streets, and delightfully kitschy tributes to the famously over-the-top artist can be found just about everywhere.

If you want to see the real Memphis, the places that really got Elvis all shook up, then we've got your definitive guide right here. Slip on your blue suede shoes and hit the town on this tour of Elvis's Memphis!

Photo of Audubon Drive

1034 Audubon Drive, Memphis, TN, US

Audubon Drive

Graceland was the second house that Elvis bought in Memphis: he bought this home on Audubon Drive in 1956 after releasing Heartbreak Hotel. He lived here with his wife Priscilla and daughter Lisa Marie for only a year, before they moved to Graceland in search of more privacy. Keep in mind that this is private property, and someone lives here, so stick to checking it out from the street. It's a totally different look than Graceland, and is a unique stop on your tour of Elvis's Memphis.

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2152 Young Ave, Memphis, TN, US

Goner Records


You can't take an Elvis tour of Memphis and not purchase a souvenir, and an old Elvis 45 makes for a great bit of memorabilia. Plus, while you're here, pony up a quarter to their Elvis Impersonator Shrine; it's a little coin-op folk art display that lights up and plays Elvis covers, a fittingly kitschy tribute to Elvis tributes.

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Photo of Graceland

3734 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN, US



Of course, the highlight of any Elvis-themed tour of Memphis is gonna be Graceland. A tour of the estate will get you into the foyer, the famed Jungle Room, his dad's office out back, the trophy building, the racquetball building (which now houses an exhibit covering his life between 1972-1977). Plus, you get access to the garden where Elvis and his family members are buried. Add on tours of the automobile museum (where you can see his most famous cars), the archives, his private jets (which you can board), and more to really make the most of a visit here.

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3677 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN, US

Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel


The Heartbreak Hotel has several things going for it: it's located across the street from Graceland, and it's Elvis-themed, with 1950's decor and suites done up in decor that would definitely get a stamp of approval from The King. There's even a heart-shaped pool and jungle-themed lounge!

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540 S Main St, Memphis, TN, US

The Arcade Restaurant


We know the King loved his food, and the Arcade Restaurant was his favorite little PB&B joint (that's a grilled peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwich... if you haven't had the pleasure of enjoy this delicacy yet, you absolutely need to order one here.) If you're lucky, they'll seat you in his regular corner booth.

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149 Union Ave, Memphis, TN, US

Lansky Bros


If there's one thing Elvis knew besides music, women, and food it was how to dress; his style defined a generation. Stop by his favorite men's clothing store, Lansky Bros, to get an appropriate outfit for your tour of Memphis. They sell blue suede slip-ons, plus jackets, sweaters, shirts, and more inspired by Elvis's style for both men and women, plus accessories and gifts.

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706 Union Avenue, Memphis, TN, US

Sun Records Studio


If rock is your religion, make the pilgrimage to Sun Studios, the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll. The first official rock single (“Rocket 88″ by Jackie Brensten and his Delta Cats) was recorded here in 1951, and it turned out tons of R&B, blues and rockabilly hits in its day. Elvis was probably Sun Records' most iconic rock star, but Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and more made music here, too.

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Photo of Lauderdale Courts

252 North Lauderdale St., Memphis, TN, US

Lauderdale Courts

The Lauderdale Courts building was built during the Great Depression and was one of the country’s first Roosevelt WPA public housing developments in the country. The Presley family called #328 home from 1949-1953, during Elvis’s formative teenage years.

While Lauderdale Courts is mostly apartments and has been renamed “Uptown Square”, #328 has been turned into the Elvis Suite, a hotel room redecorated as it would have looked when the Presleys lived there. I mean, almost exactly like what when the Presleys lived there. We’re talking working 1951 Frigidaire, decorative Vesta gas stove, Presley family pictures, period furnishings – the whole shebang.

If you’re not laying out at the pool in your retro swimwear or practicing your guitar and sweet pelvic gyrations, you can always pop one of the many provided Elvis movies into the DVD player.

Whether you're enjoying a peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich, shaking your hips to one of Elvis's hits or you're paying quiet tribute to The King at his gravesite, the city of Memphis captures the soul that made Elvis Presley the icon he's known as today.