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Created by IntoTheWild - October 26th 2017

4 Sanctuary Road, WA, AU

Beaches of Broome

This isn't the Sahara... As unusual as it sounds, this is a sunset camel safari in Broome, a beach resort town in Western Australia’s Kimberly region. Australia is surprisingly home to one of the world’s largest population of feral or wild camels, and riding them along the beach is definitely a unique way to enjoy the sunset!

L G Smith Boulevard 82, Oranjestad, AW

Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

Flamingos, white sand beach, and perfect weather… Where is this paradise?! Well, it's the aptly-named Flamingo Beach, on Renaissance Island in Aruba. It’s a 40-acre privately owned tropical island that’s part of the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino…which means unless you’re a guest, you likely need to pay at least $100 for a day pass to get to the island and interact with these amazing birds. But hey, that's what bucket lists are for!

875 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, US


Those with Acrophobia (fear of heights) better not watch this… This is the TILT! A vertigo-inducing high altitude moving platform on the 94th floor of Chicago’s John Hancock Building, within the 360 CHICAGO observation deck. Tilt outward from 1,000 feet above The Magnificent Mile and get unobstructed views of Chicago’s skyline.

Madeira Dr, ENG, GB

Brighton Palace Pier

Not sure what you’re looking at? This is actually the Brighton Palace Pier, a historic pier that's over 100 years-old, jutting out 525 meters from the shoreline along the Old Steine in Brighton, UK. It’s now a popular old-school amusement park in the city, and if you look closer you should be able to make out the various park rides on offer. The best part? Entrance is free!

US Highway 26, Jackson, WY, US

Elk Antler Arches

Here’s something a bit unusual… this is one of four Elk Antler Arches guarding the Town Square in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The first one was originally built in 1953 by the local Rotary club and proved to be very popular with tourists, so they decided to build 3 more between 1966 and 1969, one in each corner of the Town Square. The arches weights roughly 10,000-12,000 pounds each, and were replaced with new sets of antlers in the last decade.

Here's Ken Block doing his thing at Caineville or “Swingarm City”, Utah, as part of a shoot for his Terrakhana video. Caineville is a popular destination for dirt bikers, freestyle motocrossers, and works great for crazy rally car stunts! Definitely a cool place for anyone looking for a fun day out with their dirt bike or ATV... oh and look at that backdrop too!

Loire Valley, 41, FR

Chateau de Chambord

This is the Chateau de Chambord, built in the 16th century in Chambord, France featuring some very distinctive French Renaissance architecture. It's an impressively massive property, with over 400 rooms, 280 fireplaces and 80 staircases including a grand double spiral staircase, a sprawling garden and a moat surrounded by over 13,000-acres of wooded area...the good news? Mere mortals like us are welcome to visit!

Poblado Loma del Escobero Km 3 Balcones de la Novena casa 2, Guatape, ANT, CO

El Peñon de Guatape (Rock of Guatape)

This looks like something out of Indiana Jones! If you can handle climbing over 700-steps, then you can experience this amazing place. Once used for worship by the indigenous Tahami, the giant granite rock is called the El Peñon de Guatape or “Rock of Guatape” and can be found in Antioquia, Colombia.

Photo of WildPlay’s MistRider Zipline to the Falls

5847 Niagara Parkway, ON, CA

WildPlay’s MistRider Zipline to the Falls

If walking around the Niagara falls isn't exciting enough for you, then you may want to try zip-lining 200-feet above the famous waterfall at 40mph through the mist! Aptly named "Mistrider", it's comprised of 4 parallel lines and runs for over 2,000 feet across the famous landmark. A totally new away to experience such an iconic natural wonder!

Mulegé Municipality, BCS, MX

San Ignacio Lagoon

Want to kiss a whale? Yes kiss! Well, you might just get lucky if you head to San Ignacio Lagoon in Mulege, in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. Here massive gray whales, as big as a bus and weighing up to 40 tons with gigantic blow holes, have a long history of interacting with people. They even teach their calfs to do the same.

Frasassi Caves, Strada Comunale, Genga, 57, IT

Tempietto Valadier

This is the Tempietto Valadier, an impressive almost 200-year old temple built by Pope Leone XII. It was built just a few meters from the 10th century Sanctuary of Santa Maria infra Saxa chapel, inside the Frasassi Caves of Genga in Ancona, Marche Italy. The catch? It's a 700-meter steep hike up to reach the cave... but if you can handle the cardio, it's totally worth it.

Photo of Cannon Mountain

Franconia Notch State Park, Franconia, NH, US

Cannon Mountain

This is what fall road trips are all about. The view from Cannon Mountain of the 38-acre Echo Lake, surrounded by colorful trees with leaves ready to blanket the ground, is just mind-blowing. Shot from somewhere along the 4,000-foot mountain, in New Hampshire this just sums up why Autumn is our favorite season.

Photo of Acadia National Park

Route 3, Bar Harbor, ME, US

Acadia National Park

The crown jewel of Maine’s scenic coastline is Acadia National Park, located just outside the bustling bayside town of Bar Harbor. It's also home to America's first sunrise on Cadillac Mountain.

Batumi Boulevard, AJ, GE

Ali and Nino

These statues continuously move against each other every day, passing by very close but never truly connecting. It's a perfect depiction of the romantic but truly tragic story of the 1937 Austrian Novel “Ali and Nino”… a tale of love between an Azerbaijani Muslim and a Georgian princess that tragically ended when Ali was killed during the first World War. The moving sculpture, also called the “Statue of Love”, was created by Georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze and can be found in the small Black Sea resort city of Batumi in Georgia (the country, not the state)…

Photo of Tower of Babel

Banff, AB, CA

Tower of Babel

Those looking for some thrills will probably find the scramble up the Tower of Babel in Banff, Alberta a challenging, but totally rewarding hike. Remember, we said “scramble” and not hike…it's a 2-3 hour scramble up, but once you get up there you’ll have an unobstructed view of the drop-dead gorgeous Moraine Lake, and the surrounding peaks.

Linakstraße 9, 8051 Thal, 6, AT

Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

Did you know there’s a museum dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger? Yeap! His birthplace and first home in Thal, Austria has been restored to its former appearance and turned into a museum in 2011. Displays in the two-storey light-yellow house numbers in the thousands including Arnold’s first set of weights, his desk as California Governor, a life-size model of “Terminator” and a 10-foot bronze statue of himself. “Hasta la vista, baby”!

3100 Swann Lane, Baltimore, MD, US

Howard Peter Rawlings Conservatory

This historic conservatory and botanical garden is in the National Register of Historic Places, the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, and considered as a Baltimore City Landmark. The Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens of Baltimore or simply the “Baltimore Conservatory” is one impressive piece of historic property. You could easily get lost for a whole day wandering around the gardens all over this beautiful 745-acre Druid Hills Park.

111 20, AB, SE


Sometimes referred to as the world’s longest art gallery, with a majority of its metro stations decorated with art, Stockholm’s colorful art-laden underground metro extends about 70 miles around the city. They all meet up at the T-Central (underground central). It’s the only point in the city where all 3 lines of the subway meet making it the busiest metro station in Stockholm…and where most people start their journey through five decades worth of public art displays.

Photo of Half Dome


Half Dome

Whoa. This trippy photo was taken somewhere around the last 400-feet ascent to the summit of Yosemite's most famous landmark, Half Dome! The cables, which are modern versions of those originally laid out by George Anderson in 1875, allow hikers to reach the summit without using any kind of rock climbing equipment. It's not easy though... it's a 14 to 16-mile or about 10 to 12-hour hike to Half Dome and back, including this almost vertical ascent to the top.

Via Narciso, 59 - Polignano a Mare, 75, IT

Grotta Palazzese


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Okay hold on...this looks like a restaurant from a James Bond movie. This cave restaurant has actually been in use since the 17th century! It's the IL Ristorante Estivo (The Summer Cave Restaurant) at Grotta Palazzese in Polignano A Mare, Italy. However, be aware that it's probably a wee bit too expensive for the regular Joe...but I'd definitely give it a go if I have $400 to spare for a nice dinner!


Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books. -John Lubbock