An inspiring Frank Lloyd Wright guide to the Southwest

Tour some of the most stunning buildings in the country!

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Created by Michelle Felix - September 28th 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the most influential architects in modern history, drawing heavily on inspiration from nature. Although he began his career in the Midwest, he felt drawn to the dramatic desert landscapes of Arizona, saying "Arizona needs its own architecture… long, low, sweeping lines, uptilting planes. Surface patterned after such abstraction in line and color as find 'realism' in the patterns of the rattlesnake, the Gila monster, the chameleon, and the saguaro, cholla or staghorn – or is it the other way around—are inspiration enough." His winter home, Taliesin West, was where he dreamed up some of the most distinctive and stunning buildings, and taught students his unique style. Here's a guide to the Frank Lloyd Wright gems across Phoenix!

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Michelle Felix

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