The Great Northern

Road trip America's upper half!

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Created by Kris & Chris Forman - May 9th 2017

The Great Northern is a route that features nearly 3,600 miles of mountains, lakes, badlands and valleys. This epic cross-country road trip closely parallels US-2. U.S. Route 2 (also known as U.S. Highway 2) was nicknamed "The Great Northern" in commemoration of the the historic transcontinental railroad that helped pioneer the settlement of the West. Highway 2 is the Northernmost east-west route in the country, and driving it continuously will even take you into Canada! Plus, as one of America's longest transcontinental road trips, you'll enjoy unsurpassed scenery as you journey from coast to coast, bisecting the North American continent, just like Lewis and Clark over a century ago.

Photo of Olympic National Park

600 E Park Ave, Port Angeles, WA, US

Olympic National Park

Start at the Pacific Ocean to make your Great Northern trip truly cross-country. Besides, the beaches here are utterly breathtaking. The misty waves, the jagged cliffs, and the tidepools filled with enchanting sealife all add to the experience. Plus, Olympic National Park boasts a stunning temperate rainforest that's worth exploring as well.

167mi 03h 36m
Photo of Treehouse Point

6922 Preston Fall City Rd SE, Issaquah, WA, US

Treehouse Point


Seattle has tons of great hotels, but come on, you can't pass up the chance to stay in one of the country's most beautiful treehouse resorts! Treehouse Point in Issaquah, WA is more like camping, since not all of the treehouses are equipped with running water, but it's worth it to sleep in among the branches of one of the Pacific Northwest's many gorgeous forests.

11mi 00h 13m

137 W North Bend Way, North Bend, WA, US

Double R Diner (& Twin Peaks Filming Location)


Even if you've never seen Twin Peaks, you'll still fall in love with Twede's Cafe's "damn fine cup of coffee" and incredible cherry pie the way David Lynch (and, of course, Dale Cooper) did from the cult TV show. In fact, the town of North Bend is rustic Pacific Northwest charm at its finest. Plan on spending the day exploring, and visit nearby Snoqualmie Falls.

23mi 00h 25m
Photo of Red Mountain Coffee

773 State Route 906, Snoqualmie Pass, WA, US

Red Mountain Coffee


Red Mountain Coffee in Snoqualmie Pass is a quaint little coffee shop (Washington is known for their awesome coffee, of course) attached to a historic travelers' stop, so it makes for a nice place to grab a slice of pizza or even just a drink and a snack, and get off the road for a bit.

58mi 00h 59m
Photo of Dick and Janes Art Spot

101 North Pearl Street, Ellensburg, WA, US

Dick and Janes Art Spot


The Pacific Northwest is also known for their funky arts scene, and Dick and Janes Art Spot is a great example of everyday folk art. The couple has adorned their fences, yard and the exterior of their home with bottle caps, reflectors, and other found objects, turning their house into a work of art! Since it's a private home, be respectful when taking pictures from the side of the road.

42mi 00h 46m

348 Silica Rd NW, Quincy, WA, US

Cave B Estate Winery


Cave B Estate Winery in Quincy is a great roadside stop to enjoy beautiful scenery and delicious wines, and you can even stay the night. They offer a variety of accommodations, including an inn and yurts, plus a spa and an incredible cliffside swimming pool.

136mi 02h 15m

1516 W 2nd Ave, Spokane, WA, US

Frank's Diner


Frank's Diner in Spokane is located in a train car and is a classic road food stop. Frank's serves up all the staples (burgers, hashbrowns, biscuits), as well as tasty takes on old favorites (hello, Creole seafood omelette!)

1mi 00h 03m
Photo of Red Wagon - Riverfront Park

462 W Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane, WA, US

Red Wagon - Riverfront Park


Riverfront Park is a central feature of Spokane and features tons to see and do. It's got the pavilion, a carousel, an IMAX theater, a small theme park for kids, a skyride over the waterfall, and a massive red wagon, just like the one you probably had as a kid. Great photo op!

23mi 00h 29m

16310 W Riverview Dr, Post Falls, ID, US

Ida-Home B&B


Once you've hopped the border from Washington to Idaho, You'll feel right at Ida-Home at the Ida-Home B&B! It's got everything you could want in a bed and breakfast, from hot tubs and campfires to stunning sunsets and spacious, elegant rooms with private bathrooms. Oh, and the gourmet, locally-sourced, organic breakfast you can enjoy on the porch as you wake up in the morning is pretty great, too.

33mi 00h 48m
Photo of Silverwood Theme Park

26225 N Highway 95, Athol, ID, US

Silverwood Theme Park


From twisting roller coasters and gut-wrenching drop rides to bumper cars and train rides, Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, ID is an old-school theme park that definitely brings fun for all ages. Also, they have a waterpark with a lazy river that has a bar right in it!

199mi 03h 27m

173 N Main St, Kalispell, MT, US

Moose's Saloon


Don't be fooled by the very rustic exterior and sawdust-covered floor of Kalispell's Moose's Saloon. They serve up hot and delicious pizzas, sandwiches, and have tons of craft beer on tap. Plus, if you're traveling with kids, they'll love their talking moose.

18mi 00h 25m
Photo of Swan River Inn

360 Grand Avenue, Bigfork, MT, US

Swan River Inn


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The Swan River Inn in Bigfork, MT is a little hotel with a room for every taste, literally. It features themes like "leather and lace", "exotic Arabian nights", "Tuscan", "French Country", "Geisha", "Art Deco", and "Log Cabin", just to name a few. When you're not basking in the quirky decor of your accommodations, you can enjoy the rooftop garden or walk into the rad town of Bigfork.

25mi 00h 31m
Photo of Montana Vortex & House of Mystery

7800 U.S. 2, Columbia Falls, MT, US

Montana Vortex & House of Mystery


Mystery Houses are a classic roadside stop, and the Montana Vortex and House of Mystery in Columbia Falls has been bending brains since the 1970's. Once you step inside, forget everything you learned in high school physics, because gravity will appear to stop working, you'll be able to see your aura, and you can soak up the healing energy from the labyrinth.

23mi 00h 32m
Photo of Glacier National Park

64 Grinnell Drive, West Glacier, MT, US

Glacier National Park


Definitely plan on spending at least a day exploring Glacier National Park. You'll want to drive along the Going-To-The-Sun Road, and take a boat tour on one of the park's stunningly clear glacial lakes at the very least. Plus, be on the lookout for the adorable mountain goats and huckleberries along the way (you can pick up to a quart to carry out for road snacks!)

78mi 01h 25m
Photo of Big Lodge Espresso Tipi

120 SE Boundary St, Browning, MT, US

Big Lodge Espresso Tipi


Over in Browning, get ready for another roadside icon. The Big Lodge Espresso Tipi is a coffee shop that doesn't rest on its distinctive digs to bring in customers: it actually makes a mean latte, and is the perfect place to fuel up while spending lots of time on the road.

129mi 02h 10m
Photo of Lewis and Clark National Interpretive Center

4201 Giant Springs Road, Great Falls, MT, US

Lewis and Clark National Interpretive Center


Lewis and Clark made a journey that was just as rad as the Great Northern, so stop at the Lewis and Clark National Interpretive Center in Great Falls. This super comprehensive museum will teach you everything about their cross-country excursion. As you travel across the country, learn about what Westward expansion meant to the country, and the struggles of Lewis and Clark's adventure.

1mi 00h 04m
Photo of Eddie's Supper Club & Coffee

3725 2nd Avenue North, Great Falls, MT, US

Eddie's Supper Club & Coffee


When you're hungry, head to Great Falls for some cold drinks, great campfire-style steaks and chops, homemade mint ice cream and other steakhouse classics. Eddie's Supper Club and Coffee serves old-school cuisine in an authentic 1960's atmosphere, which makes this a fun place to stop for dinner or coffee on the road. You might need a nap after digging into their prime rib and shrimp scampi, though.

108mi 01h 54m

1511 Timberline Road, Lewistown, MT, US

Pheasant Tales Bed & Bistro


Pheasant Tales Bed and Bistro is a casual B&B that mostly caters to those looking for hunting and hiking in Montana, which is a really fun way to experience that side of the state. It's a very relaxed (but still super accommodating) place, and the views from the sun room are just as good as their dinners.

48mi 00h 53m
Photo of War Horse National Wildlife Refuge

Airport Road, Lewistown, MT, US

War Horse National Wildlife Refuge


If you are looking to do some hunting and fishing (and to maybe have your B&B hosts cook your catches) then War Horse National Wildlife Refuge is the place to do it. It's also an incredible place to enjoy the rugged landscapes of Montana's untouched wild beauty.

201mi 03h 09m

1902 N Merrill Ave, Glendive, MT, US

CC's Family Cafe


Thick, rich milkshakes, triple-decker sandwiches, and awesome classic roadside vibes make CC's Family Cafe the perfect place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The best time of year for a Great Northern road trip is late spring, summer and early fall. Since you're traveling along the northern part of the states, weather definitely will play a role in your trip. Also, consider getting a National Park pass if you plan on hitting up several national parks along the way, because it will definitely save you money.