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Defy gravity at America's most paradoxical mystery spots

Is it the trick of the eye, or something much weirder?

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Created by Destination Strange - May 1st 2017

It’s time to try defying gravity at these mind-bending mystery spots! Not for the faint of heart, these sites are worthy of an investigation by Mulder and Scully – people change sizes, things fall uphill, and scales give unexpected readings. Is it magnets? Aliens? A hole in the fabric of space-time? See if you can figure it out!

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The Thing

If you're traveling along I-10 anywhere in the remote vicinity of Benson, you'll no doubt encounter tons of signs asking "WHAT IS 'THE THING'?" No spoilers, but it's a true slice of Americana (think, carnival sideshow fun) and it's super cheap to visit; it'll set you back a mere dollar to answer the burning question, plus there's tons of weird stuff on display. Plus, there's ice cream, gas, kitschy souvenirs, and bathrooms here, so you might as well stop by!

The Mystery Spot

The classic American gravity anomaly, Santa Cruz’s Mystery Spot is a place of wonder at the warping of physics. Try to walk through the tilted cabin without holding on, as your understanding of the physical world threatens to slip away. You may physically – and possibly mentally – lose your grip on everything you thought you knew about gravity, science, and all things generally about the space-time continuum.

The Oregon Vortex/House of Mystery

In the early 20th century, an assay office in a prime gold panning area slid from its foundation. It is now known as The Mystery House, and is in the heart of the Oregon Vortex – a spherical area of unexplained phenomena. Strangely, visitors to the vortex lean in the direction of magnetic north. Open seven days a week, experience the unnatural any time you are in the Gold Hill area between March 1st and October 1st.

Cosmos Mystery Area

Most of these mystery spots feature a slanted, creepy old cabin. Well, this one has two! After finding the original mystery house in its twisted state, a replica was built to see if it would sustain the same odd disfigurement – and it did! Come see the spot where water flows uphill, butts sit on walls, and trees bend towards an unseen force. Then argue whether it’s magic, mystery, the cosmos, or aliens.. or some mind-blowing combination of all of the above.

The Mystery Spot

As the story goes, three surveyors came from California to St. Ignace to do so surveying in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the 1950s. However, they stumbled across an area where their equipment seemed to go haywire; nothing would sit evenly, and they felt lightheaded. They eventually realized that they had stumbled upon a Mystery Spot. Experience the mind-bending phenomena for yourself, and check out their mini-golf, human maze, and zip lines while you're at it!

Mystery Hole

Come see the Mystery Hole where people apparently become so “bewildered that they’ve headed in the wrong direction and became lost,” and accidentally locked their keys in their car in a wild haste to experience this natural wonder. Similar to other mystery spots, some claim Mystery Hole has an effect on the psyche: “one lady said it changed her husband from an old grouch to a nice sweet person.” Whether you come for the mystery or a personality change, this mysterious place in the hills will surely intrigue.

Mystery Hill

This Mystery House distorts perception of size, and gravity here purportedly pulls strongly to the north. After experiencing this otherworldly phenomenon, walk through the Hall of Mystery, which further delights with attractions such as The Spooky Spigot and the Magic Lightbulb. Mystery Hill offers all sorts of “gravitational anomaly” experiments in the Hall of Mystery, all of which are sure to make you question whatever just happened.

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Whether truth or ficition or something somewhere in between, these places need to be seen and experienced. There's nothing quite like old-school roadside kitsch, and these places have it in scores!