Frontier Medicine

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Created by Natalie Akers - September 2nd 2016

Why don’t we just go to people, raise the awareness of the repair department and the gaurentee we needed a vehicle paint airstreams // slap a sticker on this He’s in the patagonia family Jay Nelson He’s been working with wood for quite a while and he built some really whimsical pieces, we reached out and asked him if he’d build a vehicle Took him ~ 6 months 1993 Dodge D250 Cummins Vehicle —> the million mile motor truck 149K 112/115K (that’s when he got) Spring of 2015** Old redwood wine barrels is the exterior / interior wood Ways about 9K lbs “steer to the right and it will veer" We’ve driven through snow in Oregon We’ve worked in the snow in Flagstaff / Rained / Downpoured

6 total 3 repair technicians, one is a content manager, one is a front-of-house (host), tour manager (emily grant)

Big company, it’s a corporation and in roles that they would prefer**

Worn Wear coined the term by was by Lauren and Keith Malloy People and their garments

Repairs and reuse and recycling*

Finding the best coffee shop in town Pour overs and coffee devices. Leave the house at 9AM, get in at 9:30 and 10AM. Setting up shop, takes about 30 mins. Ford E30-50 Brand. 11AM set up Keen to us being there, lined up and got their garments in their hands Say go in 11AM “we start talking to everyone” 11AM set up Keen to us being there, lined up and got their garments in their hands Say go in 11AM “we start talking to everyone”

1 person takes Kern handles the intake of repairs, greets every single person and sets them on the correct route for their repair We try to repair everything in the truck, whether it’s a rip or the pair. If we can’t repair it

Part of the “tetris organization” in the van 4 or 5 boxes of trims = excess fabric made from A good selection Board shorts that they repaired with them Seamstresses and Tailors ==> “frontier medicine”

Good variety —> this tour has been a little more mellow, there still is an the old-timers (50-60 yr olds) who’ve been loyal patagonia customers

Gear shops to visit. 15 yr olds that want to put a patch on their t-shirt

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Hotter day of the year = 100 degrees Barton Springs “every color, shape, and size of human" 68 degrees “just cold enough to keep you moving" Hamilton Full-day aka an “activation day” Accommodation Within a 15-minute event —> any funky B&B?

“The little towns that you pick” (interstate-40), you really have to take country roads and highways, 55 miles an hour, “smell what’s going on outside”, “you’re not as insulated as you are on an interstate” “we get so much attention with that truck" “sometimes people will wave it off the road" intricate wood working, nautical themed hobbit hole that’s happening fix themselves “unique impetus for conversation"

Too slow to miss the roses “you can’t drive very fast" 4 or 5 cross-country trips and on everyone of them I’ve decided not to take “taking county roads if you have the time”

We decide as a team for the tours All of the wholesalers who carry patagonia, build relationships with these wholesalers and make sure they have what they need Core pieces of equipment // climbing gear, etc. Wholesale account managers Regional patagonia reps, those are the guys on the ground servicing the gear shops

Get outside and a good judge of character for outdoor enthusiasts* Really engaging and good hangout

Really interested, the repair techs love to share their craft

On a really busy event, 45 or 50 repairs DIY table in front —> classic equipment // gear tape and zippers 50-75 repairs

“nothing was broken” but I wanted to “hang out and see what’s going on”

pack rat - classic gear repair shop. - downhall mountain biking — slaughter pin area - What’s the whole

Someone in the Walton family got into mountain biking and put millions of dollars into that. Downhill biking!

On the way from Fayetteville to Chattanooga we stopped in Florence, Alabama. We stayed in a converted Rattlesnake Saloon (tourism destination for Alabama’s) Bar inside a cave, live music Grain silos.

Chattanooga Climbing The Dwell Hotel // Discounted rate $250 Hostel for climbers (Chattanooga) —> opened a bar** Best Designed Bar in America Swam in some —> Blue Hole Boutique Hotels** The Flying Squirrel

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Natalie Akers

Western Mass transplant. I like small towns with big ideas, preferably under snowfall.

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