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The Southeast's largest gathering of Native Americans

Happening September 17th-18th!

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Created by Macon, GA - June 3rd 2016

The history of Georgia goes back before its time as one of the 13 original colonies... Native Americans settled here in this beautiful corner of the country, and Ocmulgee National Monument is an important site to the native peoples, and a great place to learn about Georgia's past.

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Ocmulgee National Monument

People have long occupied the Macon area, and the earthworks at Ocmulgee National Monument (built prior to 1000 CE) are proof. The South Appalachian Mississippian Indians (now known as the Muscogee Creeks) built a Great Temple, ceremonial mounds, burial mounds, and defensive trenches, all out of earth... and most are still standing today.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Geoff Alexander

Photo Credit: Flickr/Bill Rand

Photo Credit: Flickr/Geoff Alexander

A visit to the Ocmulgee National Monument lets you see these brilliantly engineered earthworks, as well as an archaeology museum that displays artifacts from the 17,000 years of continuous habitation. You’ll also learn more about the modern history of this site.

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Want a closer look? Go inside the reconstructed earth lodge or climb to the top of the Great Temple Mound. When you visit, leave plenty of time to hike the trails around the mounds, explore the visitor center, and museum!

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