The ultimate Mount Hood holiday

Alpine slides, mountain hikes, and towering waterfalls.

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Created by Coach-Net - May 11th 2016

Mount Hood is home to every type of outdoor adventure, and with your homebase at White River Campground you'll be on the footstep of the Pacific Northwest's most exciting forest playground.

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Mount Hood, OR

The peak of Mount Hood, at an altitude of 11,000 feet, is covered in snow year round, which means there are plenty of opportunities to ski, snowboard, and even snowmobile, even in the summer. The mountain is also home to Mount Hood National Forest, which is composed of more than a million acres of verdant trees and unique wildlife. The forest is not only a popular spot for berry picking but also for mushroom collecting, so make sure to get your fungi fix!

A simple trail great for a family hike, Tamanawas Falls Trail gives you a magical view of—you guessed it—Tamanawas Falls. The easy trail runs roughly 3.6 miles round trip and crosses a beautiful roaring stream and Cold Spring Creek Canyon. Upon arrival, make sure to check out the amphitheater located behind the falls.

Mt Hood Skibowl Adventure Park & Alpine Slide

A haven for children (and adults who are still kids at heart), Mount Hood Skibowl Adventure Park has it all. Located right on the mountain, it features a half-mile alpine slide, zip lines, and even a reverse bungee that catapults you 80 feet into the air at 2.5 Gs! The park has more than 20 separate attractions, so you’ll find something here for daredevils and casual fun-seekers.


Portland, OR

Another hike perfect for the whole family, the Trillium Lake Loop Trail spans two miles and provides a spectacular view of Trillium Lake, as well as of the surrounding flora and fauna. The trail is peppered with boardwalks that allow you to get up close and personal with the marshes and bogs in the area.

Mt. Hood Brewing / Ice Axe Grill

Labeled as “the microbrewery with an attitude,” Mount Hood Brewing Co. is a killer place to stop to take a break from the great outdoors. The newly renovated brewery offers a variety of entrées, pizzas, and, most importantly, beer. Their popular ales, stouts, and porters come with rugged names, such as “Cascadian Pale Ale” and “Hogsback Oatmeal Stout.” You can give them all a go with their beer sampler. Even though lots of adult beverages are available here, the brewery is still kid friendly.

Cascade Dining Room at Timberline Lodge

The Cascade Dining Room, located within Timberline Lodge, has a view that makes you feel like you’re dining in the clouds! The lunch buffet is around $20.00 per person, but the food is definitely worth the price—the meals feature only locally sourced ingredients. It’s a great choice for an upscale dining experience during your trip to Mount Hood. Plus, the Timberline Lodge itself is an awesome Mount Hood icon... and it was used as a filming location for "The Shining"!


Government Camp, OR

One of the most popular trails on Mount Hood, the Twin Lakes Trail goes from hiking trail in the summer to ski/snowshoe trail in the winter. It offers views of a variety of tree species as well as both the upper and lower Twin Lakes, and is about seven miles long. Plus, it eventually meets the famed Pacific Crest Trail, which is one of the country's most epic, and most beautiful hikes.

White River Station Campground

The White River Station Campground, a rugged spot for those looking to escape the bustle of city life, is covered in volcanic soil and full of lodgepole pines. Visitors are able to fish from the river during their stay and hike the numerous nature trails nearby.

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From an outdoor adventure theme park to a great microbrewery, and with plenty of natural wonder along the way, Mount Hood has activities for your whole family. So pack up your camper, and get ready for a memorable trip to beautiful northern Oregon!