Massachusetts has quite a reputation for being the home of many witches, and a certain statue in a Lowell graveyard isn't exactly doing anything to squash the stories. Although, to be fair, the statue of the so-called creepy Witch Bonney is so chilling and bizarre that it's no surprise that legends and rumors about it run wild.

The woman in the statue has her arms outstretched, and her toga-like dress is falling so far off that even some today would consider her outfit scandalous. Her totally blank, empty eye sockets stare out into the graveyard, and the statue is tarnished to spooky perfection: there appears to be a single, black tear rolling down her cheek. Also, there are usually offerings scattered at her feet; things like beads, half-burned candles, coins, and other trinkets litter the statue's base. (Not that anyone would consider it, but don't take any of the offerings to the statue-- you'll be cursed with bad luck). Rumors of Wiccan rituals being performed at the grave are quite common.

Here's what we know for sure: the statue is there in memory of Clara Bonney Lilley, and she is buried at her family's plot, with her parents, her husband, and a few other Bonneys. Her father was a judge, and she died in the 19th century at the age of 39 during childbirth. That makes the legend that the statue was built to memorialize a witch hanged during the Salem Witch Trials in the 1600's. She's also said to be protected by another statue, the one she's staring at-- it's a huge white marble lion. Also, EMF detectors allegedly freak out when they come near the grave.

Of course, even historical facts can't stop people from further speculation about the scary statue. It's said that each year, the top of her dress falls lower and lower, and once it reaches her waist, the Bonney Witch will return to get revenge on the descendents of those who did her wrong. As the story goes, she'll be reborn in the hollow of an old tree in the cemetery.  Scoff all you want at the story, but take a look around the graveyard-- you'll be hard pressed to find any hollow trees. The caretakers reportedly make sure to cut down any dead or splitting trees...just in case.


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