Ohio is well-known for its aviation history, and today the state showcases that history with some of the best airplane museums in the world like the National Museum of the US Air Force, the Tri-State Warbird Museum, and the Champaign Aviation Museum. Ohio also has a little hidden gem of aviation history tucked deep in the woods near Newbury, OH… The Warplane Graveyard. We sent our roaming videographer Joel Schat to check it out:

Shortly after WWII, a scrapyard worker named Walter Soplata couldn’t stand the thought of scrapping all the engines and fuselages from the war efforts, figuring people may enjoy seeing them again in the future. So began his collection as he bought some land and started building his own airplane graveyard.



Spolata is no longer with us, but his relatives continue to protect his airplane graveyard, and few get the chance to visit. The collection boasts a B-25, a BT-15, a Goodyear FG-1D, and more… All in various states of decay. Here are some additional stills from Joel's visit:


As we mentioned, the warplane graveyard is on private property, and you should get permission before searching it out. In the meantime, there are plenty of great aviation-themed destinations right in the heart of Ohio, and one even lets you hop on Air Force One…

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