Hanna Cranna (AKA Hannah Hovey) was married to Captain Joseph Hovey. They lived in Monroe Village in the 19th century. Her husband died under mysterious circumstances, which led the villagers to believe that Hanna was a witch. Basically, Hannah’s husband allegedly went on a morning walk and took a nose dive off a cliff. After her husband died, Hannah became unhinged. Her home was atop Craig Hill, and the townspeople believed it was “guarded by snakes of every type an size.” Her pet was a rooster, named Old Boreas, who the townsfolk believed to be her “familiar.” Like a witch’s black cat. A familiar helps witches out with spells and stuff like that.


She started harassing neighbors for food and firewood. She also reportedly started casting spells on those who denied her food. One woman refused to give Hannah her largest pie, offering her a small one instead, this made Hannah cast a spell on her so she could never bake again. Same thing happened with a fisherman who illegally fished on Hannah’s property. But, it wasn’t all bad spells, Hannah also allegedly cast good spells on people she liked. 



When Hannah’s rooster died, Hannah figured her time was drawing near its end as well. She asked a neighbor that she have her coffin carried to the cemetery, by foot, not by wagon. After they had placed her body in the grave her house mysteriously burst into flames and burned to the ground. Hannah’s grave is located in Gregory's Four Corners Burial Ground, which is in Trumbull, CT (on the edge of Monroe). The graveyard is super old. It was established in 1761.To this day visitors to the historic cemetery claim to see a woman wandering the grounds. 



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