Once upon a time in a beautiful distant land there was a luxurious mountain spa haven that could take away all of life's stress. But the best part about this fairytale land is that it's REAL. (Well, they totally upped the fanciness in their photos but still).

Stunning doesn't even begin to describe the For Friends Hotel that just opened this month in the village of Mösern (about 20 km west of Innsbruck, Austria). Centered around the philosophy that life's best times are celebrated with friends, the hotel really has it all. 

The hotel overlooks Austrian mountains and stems from a rich history of hospitality. The location used to be a hotel run by a family of restaurant owners. It's safe to say this place specializes in hospitality. 160 euros (about $220) per night can get you one their basic rooms.

The hotel has three in house restaurants, each with a different feel. Guests can choose from fish & steak, fine dining of regional cuisine or italian pastas. Talk about tasty options.

If it's stress you're looking to conquer, search no longer! You can choose from their specific "taming the stress" packages, golf or tennis training, enjoy summer music festivals featuring Mozart classics or simply explore the breathtaking mountains on your own.

But the motherload of all relaxation is housed inside: the spa. Dip into the indoor and outdoor mountain water pools with a temperature of your choice. Sit back in the sauna that's actually built in the side of a cliff. Of course there are a bunch of different massages they offer. Basically, this place has anything you can imagine. They even have unusual therapies like “Körperschall Therapie” which is sound therapy that lets you experience music through unique ways.

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Via: In The Snow and For Friends Hotel