When you first walk up to the massive old steam locomotive that's sticking up out of the ground, it looks like it just fell out of the sky. The engine is over half a century old and was placed in the park in 2010 by artist Andrzej Jarodzki. 

The Train to Heaven is a monument depicting an old, real steam locomotive standing upright and pointing towards the sky, located at Strzegomski Square in Wroclaw, Poland. The 65-years-old engine was procured from a museum and erected here in 2010 by artist Andrzej Jarodzki. It is also one of the world's largest urban sculptures, weighing about 80 tons and measuring about 30 meteres in length.

Located at Strzegomski Square in Wroclaw, Poland the sculpture was commissioned by the city in order to commemorate a development company named Archicom, which has generated economic development in the city for the past two decades. 

"The locomotive is mounted vertically on a strong foundation. From the chimney there will be you can spot a drift of dry ice to give illusion of a real smoke. The whole sculpture is effectively illuminated so it is advisable to see it during at night as well." - Experience Wroclaw

The artist is from Wroclaw, and came up with the idea after playing with his son's toy train.

“I hit on it by chance in 1993. I was playing my son’s locomotive, I set it upright and that’s where the idea came from.” In the project of Jarodzki the locomotive standing on the siding of the Museum of Industry and Railways in Jaworzyna Śląska was used.Experience Wroclaw

Today the "Train to Heaven" is the city's most popular tourist attraction. You can reach it by either walking from the city center to Plac Strzegomski, it's just about 5-10 minutes, or take the bus to the Plac Strzegomski stop.

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