America's home to some unforgettably beautiful cemeteries, and some equally beautiful gravestones. Some are amazing marvels in engineering, and others are heart-clenching memorials to dearly departed loved ones. 

There a quite a few "dollhouse graves" across the country, some are made out of stone, others are only seasonal decorations, and many are permanent fixtures, lovingly cared for. The most famous dollhouse memorial is known as Little Nadine’s Playhouse Mausoleum, and is located at the Oakwood Cemetery in Lanette, Alabama. 

Nadine Earles died in 1933, from diphtheria only one week before Christmas. According to the legend, the dollhouse was built by Nadine’s father and was meant to be a Christmas gift, but when the little girl died before the present could be given, it was mounted on the grave to keep her spirit company. 

“After her death, Nadine’s father completed the brick playhouse and installed it atop her grave in Oakwood Cemetery in Lanett, Alabama. Complete with awnings on its windows, a chimney and a small front porch, the house was the site of Little Nadine’s post-mortem birthday party in 1934. Inside, a photo of that celebration sits on the mantle, alongside the doll and china tea set her parents gave her that long-ago December. Her marker is inscribed with the words: Our darling little girl. Sweetest in the world. Little Nadine Earles. ”Me want it now” - Weird Us


Unfortunately nearly all of the cemetery dollhouse grave’s have been vandalized on more than one occasion, and have had to be restored and maintained by caring citizens or family members. If you do visit the dollhouses’ remember that they are memorials so be respectful. Guests are invited to visit the cemetery during opening hours to come take some photos and pay their respects. 

If you’re looking for other amazing cemeteries to visit, America has plenty of them! Spider Gate Cemetery or Stull Cemetery just to name a few. Timothy Clark Smith’s grave at Evergreen Cemetery is a headstone with a view to his 100-year-old casket. Resurrection Cemetery is where the ghost of Resurrection Mary still haunts. Or visit New Haven’s Center Church Parish House hidden in the basement!

Source: The Grave Walkers, Weird US 

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