If you're looking for some heart pumping action, but you've already bungie-jumped and parachuted through everything, Extreme Chase Tours wants to hook you up with a minivan loaded with the latest storm chasing tech, and send you off in pursuit of some of the most dangerous storms from Texas to the Canadian border.

Take a Storm Chasing Tour Through Tornado Country

Famed tornado hunter Lanny Dean has spent his life chasing down some of the most dangerous storms, 300 to be exact, and he wants to teach you everything he's learned during his badass 23 year career.

The tour begins with the signing of a waiver (of course) and a briefing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Though no one has been killed during a tour, when you're chasing storms there's a obvious risk of danger. Once the risks are assessed and papers signed, the team checks the mobile radar and heads towards a storm.

Take a Storm Chasing Tour Through Tornado Country

If you're looking for the most dangerous chase, Lanny suggests the "Mayhem 4" tour which begins in May, and tracks down the country's most dangerous tornados and can run as long as 2 weeks.

Spots for the tour fill up quickly, and the cost can run into the thousands, but hey, that's a small price to pay when you're looking for the ultimate in extreme experiences.

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