British photographer Daniel Barter has been busy taking pictures of some of the most beautiful abandoned places on the planet... and it's all for our viewing pleasure.

He and his camera have traveled around the world, exploring everything from decrepit asylums in New Jersey all the way to the toxic wastelands of Chernobyl. If it's abandoned, chances are Barter's been there to capture it in all its creepy glory... and you've probably seen most of his pictures making their rounds on the internet.

From old textile mills, to Al Capone's cell inside Eastern State Penitentiary, his images are so engaging they'll make you want to don a mask and spend an afternoon poking around somewhere forgotten.

If you're interested in seeing more of Daniel Barter's work you can pick up his books, 'States of Decay' and 'Chernobyl's Atomic Legacy'. And hey, if you know of any amazing abandoned place he hasn't photographed yet, he's always up for suggestions.

1 dental-equipment-asylum-new-jersey
2 plastic-balls-asylum-new-york
3 al-capone-cell-penitentiary-pennsylvania
4 guest-room-masonic-lodge-new-york
12 church-pennsylvania