Just off the muddy coast of New Rochelle, NY sits a lighthouse with a past soaked in blood. The Execution Rocks Lighthouse, where condemned Revolutionary War prisoners were once chained, only to drown when high tide came in, is now one of the weirdest bed and breakfasts in the world. To stay, you just have to be okay with sharing your room with a few ghosts.

Lighthouse Restorations

The tiny lighthouse facility off the coast has helped boats navigate the area since 1849, and now the Historically Significant Structures society is offering the adventurous an opportunity to spend the night in one of it's three rooms. The lighthouse is rumored to have recieved its name from the torturous way that British colonial authorities executed people on the island: by chaining them to the rocks at low tide and drowning them when the high tide came in. As you can imagine, this had many investigators to believe that the tiny island is haunted. In fact, Execution Rocks Lighthouse was featured in a 2009 episode of Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures.

You'll have to rough it, as the island has no running water, no electricity, and a chemical toilet, but the stories you'll have to share will be totally worth it.


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