For being a show about rotting corpses who want to blindly kill everyone and everything, people sure love The Walking Dead. So much so that, during a recent episode of The Talking Dead, it was announced that Universal Studios Hollywood was opening a permanent version of their notorious The Walking Dead Halloween maze. Since the show is one of the most-watched in cable history, it should come as no surprise that Universal is committing space to the attraction... besides, it looks pretty awesome. Like, "worth maybe peeing my pants over awesome".

It'll be similar to a haunted house in that visitors walk through a maze, complete with actors in full walker getup and super-advanced animatronic zombies, all designed to terrifying visitors. It'll reportedly be even scarier and look even better than the Halloween version, with more detailed sets and costumes and "highly recognizable" recreated props from the movies, whatever that means.

Hardcore fans of the show will definitely appreciate that The Walking Dead's executive producer's special effects company is providing the prosthetics, and even using molds from the show to create an experience that's basically as close to being inside the grim but incredible vivid world of The Walking Dead as you can get. It's set to open this summer, so you only have a few months to wait before having the poop scared out of you! And if you need something a little less intense to do after the maze (if you survive, that is) you can always grab a butterbeer at the park's recently-opened Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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