Citta Del Mare Hotel Village is Sicily's largest holiday resort. The lush resort is surrounded by a nature park and is perched above the Gulf of Castellammare, it offers visitors sweeping panoramic vistas of the Sicilian coast. But, what really makes Citta Del Mare stick out is it's insanely cool toboggan slides that propel riders directly into the Mediterranean Sea.


But, there's more to Citta Del Mare than just water slides, there's also scuba diving, loads of relaxing swimming pools and other outdoor activities. So, it's perfect for a couple of adventurers, or as a family holiday.


The resort also features an on-site wellness center, which not only offers massages and pampering, but also a staff of trained professionals who are on-hand to help "release stress and fatigue." There's a sauna and Turkish bath as well.


You can choose your lodging as well. If you want a bed and breakfast, of an all-inclusive resort. So, you can customize pretty much every aspect of yoru holiday experience.


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