There’s a dilapidated white farmhouse just off of the highway in Goshen, New York that has sat abandoned for well over 30 years, a crumbling reminder of it’s deranged former owner.

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The notorious “Goshen Farmhouse” was the scene of a series of gruesome murders that took place during the 90′s, dubbed the Robocop murders.

Nathaniel White lured six young women back to the abandoned house before beating and eventually stabbing them to death and burying their bodies behind the vacated property.  According to White, after watching Robocop, “cut somebody’s throat”, and the secluded house on Harriman Drive became the grizzly scene where he turned his thoughts into a reality.


On August 2nd 1993 Nathaniel White was arrested after witnesses told authorities that they saw him leave a nearby bar with one of the victims. He is currently serving 150 years in Great Meadows Correction Facility.

In recent years the house has become a variable hot-spot for paranormal nuts and thrill seekers alike, all hoping to have a run in with the resident spirits rumored to haunt the ruins and abandoned grounds.

The “Goshen Farmhouse” continues to draw morbid curiosity from the urban explorers, though the house and it’s nearby barn are reported to be in terrible condition.

Explore at your own risk.



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