If you've been sitting around thinking about all the fantastic sledding opportunities afforded by the upcoming winter blast (we suggest Snow Creek, Heavenly Mountain Resort, Timberlee Hills, or Mad River Mountain for your downhill thrills), you've probably also spent time wishing that your crappy sled had a hand brake. How about a roll cage? If your only goal is to make it down the hill before anyone else... by any means necessary... then the Sledoon might be just the sled for you.


This concept design won first prize in the UK IOM3 Design Innovation in Plastics competition in 2003, and it's easy to see why.. it looks like a total blast. The Sledoon was created specifically with "full-contact racing" in mind, meaning you're supposed to use them to slam into one another on the way down the hill... they'll even keep sliding when they get knocked upside down.

From the designer:

Slegooning is a new winter sport in which participants travel down a snow-covered slope in single person sledge-type crafts, called Slegoons, in full-contact races. They can continue even when overturned.

Unfortunately, they're just a concept, and as far as we can tell haven't even officially been produced. Bummer. Someone get on that, will you?

Best. Sled. Ever. These Badass Sleds Are Built for "Full-Contact Racing"

Best. Sled. Ever. These Badass Sleds Are Built for "Full-Contact Racing"

But, if you really can't wait to kickass on the slopes, here are some insanely cool sleds to inspire your next downhill race:

"With the ORA [Oval Racers Alliance], they race the modern late model sleds, but most of their classes are actually Vintage classes. There was more than just racing at this event though. They were also celebrating the 10th anniversary of www.VintageSleds.com. So there was a vintage show out in front of the raceway that had some really nice old sleds. It was definitely worth a walk through." - Max Sleds


Or there's this amazing Alpine racing sled

"You may have had some good times on that old plastic saucer sliding down the hill in your backyard, but if you’re ready to play with the big kids you’re going to need something faster. The Alpine Racing Sled is made for real mountain sledding. This incredible feat of German engineering features an aircraft grade aluminum alloy with the same type of spring used in off-road bikes to absorb shock. And if you find that descending down an icy peak at breakneck speeds is too much to handle, don’t worry, you’re cool. The sled features a handbrake with a claw that grips snow and ice allowing you to stop before you ever come close to hitting that tree." - Cool Material


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