Screaming Tunnel in Niagara Falls was once a passageway for farmers to move their animals safely under the railroad tracks, but it has a much darker past. The tunnel is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a girl who died under the thick limestone archway many years ago. 

There are various stories about the ghost of the girl depending on who you ask. Sometimes she escaped a house fire, only to die under the bridge, and other times she is the victim of a murderer, taken to the tunnel and killed. Either way, the tunnel has developed quite a reputation over the years on account of all the strange paranormal activity that has been recorded there.

Another famous story involving the tunnel is about a little girl, who, according to the legend, was burned to death inside the structure. If you visit the tunnel at night and light a wooden match, you’ll hear the sound of a woman's scream echoing through the tunnel, just before the match blows out. 

Another legend involves a woman who was notorious around the area for having fights with her husband. 

“After a fight with her husband, which happened often, the woman would calmly walk out of her house and into the funnel, walk to the middle and let out the loudest scream her lungs would allow. She wanted the entire region to feel her anger and pain, and to know how impossible her husband was. After a while these residents started calling the passageway “Screaming Tunnel” in honor of this woman.” - Ghost Walks 

Screaming Tunnel is one of Canada’s most iconic haunted places, with people visiting on pretty much a nightly basis. Through the years there have been many unexplainable photos, recordings, and videos taken from terrified visitors.

Are you brave enough to visit the Screaming Tunnel at night? If so, round up some friends, a couple of flashlights, and maybe some wooden matches and head through the woods to the scariest tunnel in Ontario. And look at that we've got directions! 

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