Tunnels are damp, dark, and creepy. They're full of spiders, various bugs, and are, apparently, loaded with ghosts. Most tunnels, especially the abandoned ones, usually come equipped with their own urban legend. Local myths tell you that they're where killers take their victims, or where Satan worshipers perform their rituals, or where terrible local tragedies took place. Here are a few of North America's best haunted tunnels and why you should visit them this Halloween.

Moonville Tunnel

Moonville Tunnel was once part of the Marietta Cincinnati railroad, and at one point the area was quite remote and surrounded by a think forest of trees and brush. For years, the area was mainly used for coal mining. Though there hasn't been a train to pass through the funnel for well over 20 years, locals say that on dark nights, an old railway brakeman stands near the entrance of the tunnel waiting for the next train to pass. Countless people have witnessed the old man, dressed like an engineer, who stands in the shadows, holding his lantern. The sighting is so common, in fact, that it's been photographed and filmed numerous times.

Shanghai Tunnels

The Shanghai Tunnels are rumored to be the most haunted place in America.The basement tunnels were an underground network used by some not-so-nice kidnappers known as shanghaiiers. Often times, people will report hearing the sounds of screaming or moaning coming from the darkness, and even children crying. Tours of the tunnels are sure to terrify!

Screaming Tunnel


Screaming Tunnel at Niagra Falls was once a passage way for farmers to move their animals safely under the railroad tracks, but it also has a darker past. The tunnel is haunted by the ghost of a girl who died under the thick limestone archway. There are various stories about the ghost of the girl depending on who you ask. Sometimes she escaped a house fire only to die under the bridge, and other time she was the victim of a murderer who dragged her to the tunnel and killed her. Either way, the tunnel has developed quite a reputation over the years on account of all the strange paranormal activity that happens.

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