This isn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill retreat for two. There are plenty of cabins in in the mountains, cottages in the woods, and beach houses by the ocean. But what about a room underwater? The Jules Undersea Lodge, named for Jules Verne, author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, offers just that. The lodge actually started out as the La Chalupa research lab, an underwater habitat used to explore the continental shelf off the coast of Puerto Rico. It’s since stopped housing scientists and now offers adventurous folks an offbeat accommodation in Key Largo, Florida.

Jules Undersea Lodge

Getting into Jules Undersea Lodge requires a scuba dive 21 feet down through a lagoon. While the dive through the Emerald Lagoon mangrove habitat is an easy one, you should be scuba certified before you go (don’t worry if you’re not- they’ll assist with that!)

Once you dive to the underwater structure, guests go up through the “moon pool” area and into the wet room, where they shower and dry off before entering the living areas. There’s 2 bedrooms and a common room, which serves as the galley, dining and entertainment areas.

Jules Undersea Lodge

The fridge is well stocked (although having underwater pizza delivery is an option), air conditioning is available, TVs with DVDs (may we suggest The Little Mermaid?), phones, and intercoms. Most importantly, each room has a 42-inch portal window into the lagoon (observe angelfish, parrotfish, barracuda, anemones, sponges, oysters and more!). And don’t worry about your luggage – they’ve got it covered!

Jules Undersea Lodge

Still hesitant about spending the night underwater? Don’t worry – there’s always someone on land monitoring the place to make sure nothing is amiss during your special stay!


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