by Lilia Walsh

Lately I’ve been dreaming of a cross country adventure; I want to drive across the country, and arrive, travel-worn but excited, on the west coast. I’ll know I’ve arrived when I find myself among California’s giant redwoods and sequoias, a destination I’ve been dreaming of since I first saw them in National Geographic as a kid. Let’s head west :)

Trio of Giant Redwoods – Look up! and up and up!


The President: a tree so big that it took 126 frames to properly capture its 247 feet of glory. The tree is more than three thousand years old. Can you find all three climbers? – Photo by Michael Nichols/National Geographic


Climbers – Don’t look down!


The peaceful Forest Trail, The Redwoods, California


Sequoia Star Trails-Photo by Jim Brandenburg

M518 Sequoia Stars Trails-1

The Imposing General Sherman Sequoia


Multiple researchers scale this 300 ft, 1,500 year old redwood – Can I have your job please?-Photo by Michael Nichols


General Sherman watches the stars come out


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