We've featured some pretty crazy elevated camping tents here in the past, but they were probably never meant for the kind of extreme camping done by the thrill seekers who attend the International Highline Meeting each year. If you're afraid of heights, now might be a good time to look away.

For the last two years, the International Highline Meeting has brought adventurers and extreme athletes together in the Italian Alps for a few days of absolutely insane camping. How insane, you ask? You can't even reach their meeting spot without tightrope walking to between friggin' mountains.

Check out some of the craziest photos from their last meeting below. Want to have an elevated experience that's a little less, well... extreme? You can head to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park where a giant pnuematic swing will launch you over a canyon, or visit the Grand Canyon West Skywalk, where you'll have the chance to walk out on a glass floor suspended 4,000 feet above the ground. 

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