Who doesn’t love camping? The smell of the fresh air in the morning, the view of the stars at night, a roaring campfire and the promise of s’mores – it doesn’t get much better than that. Unless, of course, you go camping at one of these crazy places.

Camp high in the trees of Germany


These awesome hanging tents, or portaledges, are the specialty of the Waldseilgarten camping resort in Germany. For just a few hundred bucks, the resort will give you an elevated tent high in the trees or on a cliffside, provide you with all the gear, and even feed you!

View the Northern Lights in a glass-topped igloo!


Located in the Arctic Circle, Finland’s Hotel Kakslauttanen offers the unique opportunity to spend the night cozied in a heated igloo. But the best part? The  igloo’s glass ceiling is specially designed to provide an incredible view of the beautiful Northern Lights.

Sleep with nature (minus the bugs) in a plastic tent!


If you want all the beautiful perks of sleeping outside without all the downsides like mosquitos, snakes, or bears, the Attrap’Rêves Hotel in France has the perfect solution for you: crystal clear tents! It’s the next best thing to sleeping under the stars, plus you can live out your bubble-boy fantasies. Just don’t get freaky when the deer are watching.

Watch the sunset from a “Human Nest”


If the bubble tents are too sterile for you, you can always head to the Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California, where you can sleep in a “human nest”. The structures are created just the way a bird would create them, and while they aren’t rainproof (bring a spare tent just in case!), watching the sunset from a a nest in the trees is well worth the risk.

Get “abducted” by a UFO!


Finally, if you want a camping experience that’s truly out of this world, Sweden’s Treehotel has you covered with their crazy UFO room! Climb the ladder through the trees and into the closable hatch where you’ll find two entire floors suitable for four people. With a fully functioning bathroom, separate bedrooms, and interior design based on outer space, you’ll never want to return to Earth.

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