We’ve all heard the sage travel advice, “Don’t waste your whole vacation sitting in your hotel room,” but this is one hotel where you can totally ignore that advice… The Exploranter Overland Hotel gives you the trip of a lifetime all from the friendly confines of your “room” on the world's only mobile hotel. The Exploranter Overland lets guests enjoy long-distance expeditions through Brazil, Chile, and Argentina without having to pack and unpack more than once.

The “rig” you travel in is beyond awesome. It has an industrial-grade kitchen, tons of chairs and beds, a stunning observation deck, and 3 bathrooms. The rig also pulls a trailer complete with 27 rooms, each with a view.

The mobile hotel isn’t for the claustrophobic introvert, no, quite the opposite. The people behind the Exploranter Overland Hotel aim to connect travelers with each other through shared experiences on their journeys, whether it be a short week-long trip or a longer month-long expedition.


Guests on the Exploranter Overland don’t spend all day on the “hotel,” however. The Exploranter has stops planned into the schedule for guests to stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air. When stopped, the rig’s side panels deploy a massive canopy and outdoor kitchen and “living room”.

As far as we can tell, the Exploranter Overland is currently only available for private charters so grab your 30 closest friends and pool your money for the “road trip” of a lifetime.


For more information on the world’s only mobile hotel, hop over to their website. (Oh, and find someone that speaks Portuguese because the translate to English function doesn’t appear to be working.)

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