Motor City is an urban explorer's dream come true. But what you might not know is that on top of having some of the most epic abandoned buildings, Mowtown is also a paranormal playground. From military forts, to cursed restaurants, to a legendary red gnome, Detroit knows how to bring the weird. Here's your guide to ghosts in Motor City.

1. The Masonic Temple

Detroit's Masonic Temple is the biggest in the world. It was built in 1912 by George D. Mason and has more than 1,000 rooms, including secret staircases, hidden passages, and even compartments hidden in the floors. Unfortunately, Mason may have gone a bit overboard building the temple, and when he went bankrupt his wife decided that she couldn't be married to a man who wasn't rich. Mason spiraled into a depression, and eventually jumped to his death from the temple's roof.

To this day people say they see him ascending the stairs slowly towards the roof. Guests and staff also experience cold spots, strange shadows, doors opening and closing, and the overwhelming feeling of being watched.

2. Fort Wayne

People claim that most of the strange paranormal activity going on at Fort Wayne happens at 1:20 a.m... and no one know why. There have been sightings of spectral soldiers wandering around the fort's 96 acres, while visitors claim to hear the sound of mysterious footsteps and voices from beyond the grave. Fort volunteers report that display items have a history of disappearing and reappearing weeks later.

Fort Wayne is the last Native American burial mound in the city, and according to many, is haunted by the ghost of the "Yam-Ko-Desh", also known as "the Mound Builders." In order to help the newly departed pass on, they would walk back and forth in a nearby creek until the ghosts passed over to the spirit world.

3. Elmwood Cemetery

On July 31, 1763, Chief Pontiac and 250 braves hid in the trees above what eventually becameElmwood Cemetery and killed between 60 to 160 British solders. Today many people claim to see strange orbs and other odd anomalies in the cemetery as well as the apparitions of the men who died that fateful day.

One of the most famous ghosts at Elmwood Cemetery is known as "The Veiled Lady." She is said to invoke terrible feelings of fear and dread in anyone who sees her. And those who are brave enough to stand in front of her grave under the moonlight report disembodied voices and strange smells.

4. The Whitney

The Whitney was originally built as a home for David Whitney, Jr. and his wife Sarah. According to the legend, the couple died inside the home, but decided to never leave.

In the 80s, people began recording the strange experiences they were having on all three floors. Witnesses claim to see the apparition of a man wearing a tuxedo on the second floor, and the sound of people whispering to each other when no one is around.

5. The Nain Rouge

Nain Rouge is french for "red gnome", which is exactly what the famous Detroit monster is supposed to be. Described as being the sign of terrible events to come, the Nain Rouge is a small creature wearing red and black boots, and is said to have red eyes and rotten teeth.

Weird Lectures' John Tenney recently gave us the scoop on the little red trouble maker:

"Originally a Native American earth guardian protector spirit, the Europeans got here and they said he was a demon [and now] there is a huge parade every year to kick him out of the city…"

Nain has been sighted all the way back to the 1701 when he supposedly attacked the first white settler in Detroit, and he's been raising hell ever since.

Featured image: Flickr, maggieip