Car-lovers can be tricky to shop for... Case in point: get a Mustang man a Camaro t-shirt and you'll be taken off his Christmas card list forever. There are, however, plenty of last-minute gifts you can grab on Amazon and have here by Christmas to make that gearhead in your life smile ear-to-ear. Some are practical, some are interesting, and some, like the Traxxas R/C truck are just plain fun. Pick your favorite and get it to your door by Christmas. No lines and no fighting for parking spots at the mall...


Meguiars Complete Car Care Kit


If your gearhead is like us, when the winter weather hits, his or her favorite ride becomes a garage queen. Help them pamper their queen with this great kid from Meguiars. This kit includes all the essentials to make your ride shine including a16 oz. Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner, 16 oz. Gold Class Liquid Wax, 16 oz. Quik Detailer, 16 oz. Quik Interior Detailer, 16 oz. Gold Class Endurance High Gloss Gel, 10 oz. PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner and Polish, 10 oz. ScratchX 2.0, two 50 gram Clay Bars, Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel, and a Foam Applicator Pad.

Art of the Corvette


Named one of Amazon’s “Best Books of 2014,” the Art of the Corvette features Vettes from each generation of the famed car. Sure, a photobook of Corvettes isn’t anything new, but the quality of the photos, thanks to legendary automotive photographers Randy Leffingwell and Tom Loeser, make it awesome.

The Steve McQueen Collection


Every gearhead should have a collection of Steve McQueen movies, and although this set doesn't have Bullitt or Getaway (truth be told, a real gearhead should own those two already)The Steve McQueen Collection does feature four of his other great movies: The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven, The Thomas Crown Affair, and The Sand Pebbles, all in Blu-ray quality. There’s really no excuse to not have these films in your collection. Enough said.

Haynes Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine


We really, really wanted to put the tried-and-true Visible V-8 on the list, but the quality of them can’t be trusted these days. We don’t want some burgeoning car-kid to get jaded by a piece of junk engine kit. If you’re looking for a visible engine to expose your kids to how a combustion engine works, we recommend this Haynes 4-banger.

Blood & Smoke


Unless your gearhead is one of those lucky ducks that lives somewhere warm where the racetracks run year-round, he or she knows they’re about to experience a long couple months of no racing. This book will hold them over (for a day or two) as it explores and exposes the real history of the Indianapolis 500. They’ll never look at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the famous 500 mile race the same.

Quirky Thor & Zeus bundle



Ok, practical gifts aren’t that exciting, but, hey, they’re practical. This ice scraper may be the coolest (and best) one on the market. We know, that’s not all that impressive, but your friend or family member will thank you when their new scraper works in half the time of their old one.

Car Shift Gear Cufflinks


Just because your favorite gearhead spends most of his time in the garage doesn’t mean he can’t clean up well for a fancy night out. These car shifter-inspired cuff links lets everyone know he’s a car guy, even when dressed up.



Ron Howard does a heck of a job bringing to life the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt in this awesome movie. This is one that not only the gearhead in your house, but the whole house itself will watch over and over again.

Inflatable car bed



Traditionally, sleeping in a car has been plain awful, but thanks to these inflatable mattresses, your car or truck might not be such a bad place to pass out after all. They’re a versatile gift, too, as they transform into a portable couch perfect for picnics and other outdoor activities. (Read more about the inflatable car bed here.)

Viski Gear Shift Bottle Stopper


The stick-shift car seems to be a dying breed these days, but you can at least enjoy a stick-shift bottle of wine with this 5-speed-inspired wine cork.

Traxxas 70054 Pro 4 Wheel Drive Short Course Truck, 1:16 Scale


It’s the most expensive item on our list at $370, but it’s also the most fun. If you’re in the R/C world, you already know Traxxas is pretty much the top dog. This Traxxas Slash 4X4 mini is about half the size of the regular Slash 4X4, but still packs in a ton of power. From Traxxas:

Short-course styling that captures the attitude of the full-size Traxxas TORC-series racer is just the beginning. Beneath the Race Replica polycarbonate shell, you'll find the winning suspension technology of the eight-time National Champion Traxxas Revo and the convention-busting innovation of the E-Revo.

PUMA Men's Drift Cat 5 Ferrari NM Motorsport Shoe

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.49.47 AM

Ok, so you can’t buy that gearhead in your life a Ferrari this Christmas, but you can still buy him some Ferrari shoes! These racing-inspired shoes are meant to be both stylish and functional with a removable sockliner that keeps your feet dry, and most importantly, smelling good. The shoes come in 4 different colors for you to go heel-to-toe in style in 2015.

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