Whitewater rafting should be on everyone's bucket list, but if you happen to be in the Portland, Oregon area, then you have absolutely no excuse to not check it off your list. It's home to Wet Planet Rafting & Kayaking, one of the country's ultimate rafting excursions. They offer hot showers, camping, a full-service cafe, printed photos of your trip, an eco-friendly experience, guides that really know what they're doing, and, most importantly, a deep knowledge of and uparalleled access to one of America's best rivers for kayaking and whitewater rafting: Oregon's White Salmon River.

Tucked away deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, White Salmon River is a whitewater rafting junkie's paradise. Clear, blue, glacial waters and lush green woodland make for some gorgeous surroundings... but you might not get a ton of time to relax and enjoy it all, since the river provides miles and miles of class III/IV rapids. That means that most people should be able to keep up, but it won't be a float in the park, if you catch my drift. And, if you go later in the summer, you'll be able to start your journey from Wet Planet's private put-in, which comes with an epic (optional) cliff jump to start your journey.

If class IV rapids and stunning scenery isn't enough to convince you to pack up and head to Oregon right now, then maybe the fact that the White Salmon River has Husum Falls, the tallest commercially raftable waterfall in the country... and you get to raft over them! At 10 feet tall, the falls may not look like much, but once you go over falls like that, nothing else can really measure up. Imagine the water roaring over the rocks as you are pulled along and down the drop-- let's just say, be prepared for a massive adrenaline rush... and to get soaked.

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