You might remember that a few months ago lawmakers in Oklahoma allowed for a religious monument, the ten commandments, to be erected on the capitol building lawn. When that happened, everyone from Buddhists to Satanists threatened to build their own religious monuments... only the Satanists were serious. To prove it, they unveiled their partially-completed monument today... and it's actually pretty awesome.

After the Satanic Temple announced their plans for a monument in January, they quickly set about to make the statue a reality, and it was clear that the dream was shared by many, because their $20,000 IndieGoGo campaign ended ten grand above the mark, ensuring that the piece would get only the best artist.

To show folks who had donated to the crowdfunding campaign where their money went, and no doubt prove to Oklahoma Republicans that they were serious, the Satanic Temple allowed VICE editor Johnathan Smith into the New York studio where the monument is well on its way to completion.


The monument, still waiting to be bronzed, shows two young children looking lovingly up at a horned Dark Lord as he sits upon his throne. It's impressive and imposing, even its current unfinished form, so I can only imagine what Oklahoma lawmakers are going to think when it's sitting next to the ten commandments.

Some might argue that the monument is in danger of destruction, but Lucien Greaves, head of the Satanic Temple, explained that destroying the monument might not be the best idea.

"I wouldn’t expect these outraged and nearly insensible reactionaries to actually know how to assault a bronze monument without severely hurting themselves in the process,” he told VICE. “Depending on our insurance policy, we may be able to cast two from the destruction of one, expediting our arrival to the next battleground.”


You should be able to see the monument for yourself very soon, but until then, you can see more images of the statue over at VICE.