Nothing says summer like rocketing yourself down 1000-feet of water logged vinyl and though a handful of downtown Calgary city blocks. Slide the City is invading the Stamped City, so grab your bathing suit and your inner tube and make your weekday commute to work a whole lot more fun! 


Slide the City has been invading North America and cooling down the overheating masses with their awesome, gigantic slip-and-slide that spans… wait for it, the length of over 3 football fields. In other words, you and your friends are going to get to propel yourselves like a tiny human cannonball down some of the steepest streets in Calgary this summer! Don’t worry, because unlike that half-rigged slip-and-slide you set up in your backyard as a kid, this one’s totally safe. 


The big green slide’s been busy solving the summer heat problem in cities like Toronto, Salt Lake, West Palm Beach, and pretty much anywhere else that you can imagine. 


The next stop for Slide the City will be happening on August 1-2 in Calgary, Alberta, right through the middle of downtown. After all the fun, grab some lunch at the Higher Ground, and don’t forget to see the Calgary Tower, and Prince's Island Park while you’re at it! If you’re headed to Calgary this August make sure to grab some tickets for Slide the City. When else are you going to be able to cruse down 10th street on the world’s largest slip-and-slide?!


A few years ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan the world's largest inflatable water slide was built in the heart of downtown. At 500ft, this thing was ginormous! It's an inflatable water slide that cost about $30,000, it was totally safe and approved for public use by the city council. And best of all, it was totally free to use! It was almost two football fields in length, and includes a 10-foot drop. 



Across the pond, Gizmodo reports on British artist Luke Jerram who has plans for a 90-meter long slip 'n slide! His plan is to lay it down Bristol's high street. The public campaign is called Park and Slide and it's intended to become a part of the local city council's Make Sunday Special, which encourages citizens to have a fun, car-free day. Currently, there's a crowdfunding campaign

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