"Love Trees" are made of two trees-- one growing out of another. They're impossible to seperate (well, technically you can't seperate them without killing both, which is pretty morbid). Hence the legend that if you kiss someone beneath a Love Tree, the two of you will seal your love for all eternity and be together forever, yada yada yada...in all seriousness, it's kind of a cool-looking, rare phenomenon found all throughout the rad historical city of St. Augustine.

Generally, it's a sable palm growing out of the heart of an old oak tree, although that's not always the case. As far as I can tell, not a lot of scientific research has been done on why this phenonemon occurs at all, let alone so frequently in this particular city, so we'll chalk it up to the fact that St. Augustine is just a really romantic town. According to Simply St. Augustine, there are at least seven Love Trees across the city, and setting out to kiss your significant other under all of them seems like a cute, quirky date idea.

The first (and probably the most famous) is located across from the Tolomato Cemetery on Cordova, next to the now-defunct Love Tree Cottage. They used to offer engagement, wedding and vowal renewal packages for ceremonies and photo shoots underneath the tree. Another is in the parking lot of the Howard Johnson Express Inn-- it's named "The Old Senator", and it's at least 600 years old! That means that it was alive when Ponce de Leon discovered Florida. Props to those two trees for putting up with each other for that long!

Another one can be found in front of Cathedral Parish School, just past Bridge Street. There's also a Love Tree at the Mission of Nombre de Dios, out the back doors and to the left. There's one at 294 St. George Street (you'll have to settle for kissing near this one, since it's on private property), one near the St. Augustine Council on Aging at 180 Marine St, and the final, most dramatic tree at Prosperity Bank. Pull into the law office parking lot at 780 Ponce de Leon Boulevard to get a good view. And don't be surprised if you stumble upon another-- they're hidden all over the city, just waiting for couples to kiss beneath!

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