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Dundas Castle is an amazing piece of abandoned American history

Once an amazing mountain getaway, the abandoned Dundas Castle now lies hidden on a sprawling 964 acres of forestland in Roscoe, NY, and at first glance looks like a bustling medieval village.

The castle was built by New York architect Bradford L. Gilbert and named the "Beaverkill Lodge". The land, named Craig-e-Clair, was specifically chosen by Gilbert's Scottish wife because of its amazing resemblance to the Emerald Isle. Unfortunately, she never got the chance to live in the castle. A year after her husband's death in 1921, Anna Maria Dundas was committed to a sanatorium, and the house was passed down to their only child, Muriel Harmer Wurts-Dundas. Some say the ghost of Anna Dundas still haunts the empty home she never got the chance to live in. Others say that the three heart-shaped ponds outside the castle fill with blood under the full moon.

The thatched "Swiss" style country house was mirrored after many European medieval-styled castles, only this one came equipped with telephones, heat, and electricity. Though construction was never fully completed on Dundas Castle, all renovations were technically finished in 1924.

For a time the castle was used as a summer camp, and eventually a Masonic chapter retreat. Since then the castle has sat abandoned, with the only remaining signs of human habitation being the decrepit bathroom and kitchen fixtures, everything else has been looted or destroyed over time.

In 2001 the castle was registered as one of America's National Historic Places, but little has been done since then to protect it from vandalism and crumbling conditions. In recent years its become a favorite spot for urban explorer, and photographers looking to capture a piece of of the castle's former glory.

Dundas Castle is located on private property. Explore at your own risk. Below is a fantastic photo essay by photographer Walter Arnold.

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