By: Lindsey Hogan

Can you imagine what six MILLION acres of pure wilderness looks like? If you went straight to, “Moose, Caribou and Bears! Oh my!”, you’re not too far off. In one day at the six million acre Denali National Park, you’re likely to see a grizzly, wolf, sheep, caribou, and moose roaming free all in one day! If that doesn’t wow you, wait till you see the breathtaking views.

1. Denali Highway

The Only Road Through Denali

Anyone who is prone to getting lost even with a GPS, this is the perfect trip for you! Denali only has one road running through the entire national park. It stretches one-hundred and thirty-five miles winding through the wild terrain; it’s basically idiot proof! Though, you better be sure you’re up for the drive because once you start there’s only one way out.

2. Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley Denali

This lovely peak is reason for the name of the national park. Denali means “the high one” in Athabaskan and it’s aptly named. Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in North America. It reaches 20,320 feet and it’s still growing! Uplift from tectonic activity continues today making the highest mountain in North America higher by the day!

3. Riley Creek Camp Grounds

Denali Camp Grounds

This is a million dollar view for the price of a road trip- what a deal! Set up camp at Riley Creek Camp Grounds and enjoy this view night and day. You can’t beat it! Just make sure you pack a toasty sleeping bag and lots of marshmallows and you’ll be set!

4. Wonder Lake

Wonder Lake Denali

It’s a wonder if you don’t recognize this lake! Wonder Lake has created a big name for itself by being a spectacular reflecting pond of Mount McKinley. On beautiful sunny days, the lake lives up to it’s reputation and creates a double of Mount McKinley on its surface which makes for a pretty amazing site.

5. Aurora Borealis

Aurora Denali

Just as famous if not more than Wonder Lake but much more illusive, Aurora Borealis  often appears across the night sky over Denali and Mount McKinley. When the Northern Lights shine their colorful hues over the landscape of Denali National Park, it fills onlookers with wonder and awe.