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Defend your kingdom with this Game of Thrones map of America

(Here be spoilers. You've been warned.)

Season 5 of Game of Thrones is finally here! The 4th season turned heroes into villains, warriors into prisoners, and kings into bloody corpses. We've rooted for our favorite kingdoms and families, cheered for the Purple Wedding, seen giants and dragons, and watched as the Mountain finally fell… but not without a fight.

With the season 5 upon us, we've decided to give you a reason to defend your city's keep with the Game of Thrones map of America! FOR WESTEROS!


1. Winterfell (Detroit)

A hardened, steel-wielding city, fallen from grace. Winter is always coming.

Detroit, stronghold of the North, makes no apologies. It's cold, harsh, and is only a pale reflection of what it used to be. Even still, the decay hasn't stopped the steel-wielding city from being a beautiful, proud place.

2. King's Landing (Washington, D.C )

The seat of great power and even greater corruption.

Capitol of the Kingdoms, Washington, is the Red Keep of America and the seat of ultimate power. King's Landing, much like the White House, is surrounded by a great wall, and is protected by the City Watch of King's Landing, aka the gold cloaks.

3. Oldtown (St. Augustine)

An ancient town, the oldest in the realm.

Both are the oldest cities in the country, dating back to the first men on the continent.

4. Casterly Rock (Seattle)

Proud, ancestral stronghold of the Sea.

Casterly Rock overlooks the Sunset Sea, and is a large part of the bustling seaports. The castle was built over catacombs and into rock formations. Seattle is protected by the Olympic Mountains, built overtop of the Seattle underground (catacombs in their own right), and is one of the largest seaports in the country.

5. Highgarden - (Las Vegas)

Epitome of excess, fame, and fortune.

A wealthy, attractive city, filled with money, excess, and beautiful women. This one speaks for itself.

6. Eyrie - (Appalachia)

An unusual land that prefers to keep to itself.

A mountain-top stronghold, isolated from most civilization, where the inhabitants are strange and suspicious. You see where I'm going here...

7. Harrenhal - (Denver)

A Mile-High city reaching above the heads of other Kingdoms.

No castle in all of Westeros can match the height of Harrenhal. It's a Mile-High city above the Seven Kingdoms.

8. The Wall (Canada border)

An impenetrable Northern Border. Beware the White Walkers.

The Wall sits between the Seven Kingdoms, protecting the people of Westeros from the Wildlings beyond it. The Wall is manned by the sworn brotherhood by name of the Night's Watch. Sounds sort of like Border Patrol doesn't it?

9. Castle Black (Canada border)

Fortress of the frozen pass.

Castle Black is one of three remaining manned castles at the Wall, and is inhabited by the Night's Watch. 

10. Dorne (Southern California)

Harsh desert land, filled with peculiar folk.

Sunny, hot climates all year long. The Dornishmen are different from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, and much like it, in Southern California, the customs are strange and peculiar.



CindeII CindeII
what about the storm lands? i.e storms end, the baratheons kingdom
over 4 years ago Defend your kingdom with this Game of Thrones map of America
lisa.reardon.96 lisa.reardon.96
Bravos - Fort Knox??
over 5 years ago Defend your kingdom with this Game of Thrones map of America
samantha.labrie.52 samantha.labrie.52
Hell yeah I love Dorne. Strong and proud, even the dragons couldn't make Dorne kneel to them.
over 5 years ago Defend your kingdom with this Game of Thrones map of America
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