With a well-known Texan stud like Matthew McConaughey as the leading role in a movie with a Texas city in its name, you’d think Dallas Buyers Club would be full of real-life Dallas filming locations… Dallas hospitals, Dallas rodeos, and what not. You may be surprised to learn it wasn’t shot in the Lone Star State but the much cheaper next door neighbor: Louisiana.

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The Dallas News sat down with McConaughey to see just why this Dallas-based movie was shot in New Orleans:

New Orleans has been doubling for Texas for a while. I fight to shoot in Texas, but I don’t know if I have the pull or the leverage or the pocketbook to get productions to shoot there. Obviously if we could shoot this in Dallas for the same price, we’d shoot it in Dallas. Then you’d get all those extra things where people from Texas can say, ‘I know where that is!’ But the studios are gonna check out where they can save every penny on that dollar.

So there you have it, Texas lovers. Don’t spend any time trying to spot your favorite Dallas landmarks, but switch gears and see if you can spot any of your favorite NOLA locations made to look like the big D.

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