If you happen to find yourself cruising along California's Interstate 8, don't be surprised if you stumble onto a fleet of silver spaceships grounded by the highway. No, you didn't just find yourself in the midst of the latest flying saucer crash site, you've just discovered the state's only UFO scrapyard: Coyote's Flying Saucer Retrieval and Repair

The unconventional repair service is run by a guy named Coyote, and while you might be tempted to think that his fleet of flying saucers are just for show, he'll happy prove you wrong. That's right, these things run. Unfortunately, while they can go about as fast a golf cart, they don't exactly fly. Rather than pilot the saucers through the expanses of space and time, Coyote opts to buzz them around local festivals like Burning Man, where there's no shortage of alien creatures.

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Around Jakumba Hot Sprints, Coyote and his UFO repair service are local legends, with just about everyone having a story about his wild conspiracy theories and drive-in movie nights (he projects old movies on a big "asteroid" the aliens "dropped off" for him).

One redditor in particular had this to say:

I actually met him once, he's either really f*@#$ing loopy, or really committed to the joke. He claims that aliens frequently travel through a sewage pipe of some sort further down the road from where he has his little set-up. It supposedly acts as a "star-gate", they activate it via a phone booth in front of a nearby construction rental company. He explains this all if you stop by his base of operations: an rv decked out with alien mannequins, and a trailer or two. 

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If you're lucky enough to pull into the UFO scrapyard when Coyote is around, there's a good chance he might offer to take you for a spin in one of saucers. Don't worry, these UFO rides are probe-free.

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If you're more interested in looking for real UFOs, the awesome Desert View Tower is just down the road. Built in 1922, the 70-foot-high tower makes a great place to skywatch, but even if you come up empty handed in your search for extraterrestrial life, the views of the desert afforded by the tower are pretty stunning in their own right. 

Looking to have a close encounter a little closer to home? You can always head to Alberta's UFO Landing Pad, South Carolina's UFO Welcome Center, or visit Texas' Marfa Lights Viewing Center

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