Nope, this isn't a scene from Lord of the's Ohio! Hidden away in Hocking Hills State Park, these epic falls are probably the prettiest in the whole park-- and since they're sort of secret, you don't have to worry about sharing the trail. That's right, you can have this waterfall all to yourself! They were discovered by photographer Steve Perry, who took this stunning picture. Here's how to find the elusive Corkscrew Falls:

Drive about 6 miles past Logan, Ohio on Route 664, and turn off at Zwickle Road. On the right, you'll find a trail behind the guardrail-- just follow it down to the gorge, and it should take you right to the falls. Full disclosure: one way to get to the Corkscrew Falls goes through private property, but you can get around that by avoiding the East side of the river-- it might take some exploring, but you can still find the secret spot. If you are adventurous enough to go looking for them, remember to bring your camera and a bathing suit! And there's always the more popular Old Man's Cave.

Hocking Hills Ohio

Or Cedar Falls:


If you'd rather not risk it, the rest of Hocking Hills is pretty incredible as well. It's got tons of trails that take you past cliffs, caves, gorges, and, yes, more awesome waterfalls.

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