A hotel, long considered the most haunted building in the Windy City, maintained its reputation last weekend by scaring the living crap out of My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans. The television star was so frightened by the ghosts that he actually fled the hotel in the middle of the night.

The celebrity chef took to Facebook to explain how his interrupted stay at Chicago's Congress Plaza Hotel was “one of the weirdest experiences” of his life.


“It suddenly felt airily cold and I sensed that something just wasn’t right with the energy, not only in the hallway, but even more so once I was inside my room," he wrote. "I tried to shake it off and tell myself it was all in my head, but the extremely uneasy feelings didn’t go away, if anything it became more intense, so I grabbed my bags and pretty much ran out!” 


The spirits frightened Evans so much that he left in the middle of the night, not even bothering to check out.

“I bypassed checkout, jumped straight in a cab and got the %$&# outa [sic] there. There’s no doubt in my mind that what I felt was real, but each to their own.” 

Evans, who says he has always been skeptical of the paranormal, was set to spend the night on the fourth floor, a part of the building notorious for it's spectral tenants. Room 441 regularly receives reports of a translucent woman who enjoys visiting with guests, and as a result, allegedly has more security calls than other room. One room located on the 12th floor is said to have been the site of a haunting so horrific that the door was bolted shut from the outside.


Spirits rumored to roam the hotel halls range from one-legged hobos murdered in the basement to none other than Al Capone himself, a one-time owner of the building. Other spirits seen roaming the halls are the ghosts of murder-suicides said to be the ghosts of suicide victims who leapt from the roof, but the creepiest story has to do with a mysterious hand that reaches out from the wall.


The Hand of Mystery, as it's affectionately called by the hotel staff, is said to be the preserved hand of "Drywall Dave", a construction worker who was accidentally sealed up into the wall. As he was dying of asphyxiation, he reached his hand through the plaster, gripping the reinforcement bars. Of course, it could simply be the old glove of a construction worker with a sense of humor, but the story is so much fun that no one has bothered to have it tested.

If you think you've got what it takes to outlast a television star, you can book your own stay in Chicago's most haunted hotel for yourself... just be prepared to check out early.