At Roadtrippers, we’re suckers for old classic diners, and we’re even bigger suckers for old classic diners featured in terrifying horror movies. When I found myself headed near Blairstown, NJ on 2014 MINI Takes the States, I knew where I was going to eat breakfast…


The diner isn’t unlike hundreds across America… The stainless steel shines and the menu features classic breakfasts and your standard burgers & fries, but the Blairstown Diner has something that makes it different from every diner in America: it was in Friday the 13th.


I ate quietly and tried not to immediately start asking about the diner’s role in the slaying franchise, but when the servers and locals started talking about Friday the 13th-themed Halloween decorating plans (nearly 3 months before Halloween, BTW) it was safe to assume that at least the Blairstown Diner had embraced its role in Friday the 13th, but did the town?


Enter Herman P. Shoemaker, mayor of Blairstown Township. He sat with his wife and son at a booth by the bar and struck up a conversation. Mayor Shoemaker told me all about how excited the town gets for Halloween and how much they love their bizarre little claim to fame. The Historic Blairstown Theatre even plays Friday the 13th on every single Friday the 13th. 

I made a quick run through town, and as you can see, it hasn’t changed much since the 1980s… It’s charming and quaint with plenty of little businesses, my favorite being the Historic Blairstown Theatre (formerly Roy’s Hall) with its funky schedule of events like the Big Lebowski Dudefest…


After seeing the town I was off to find Jason’s home: Camp Crystal Lake . A series of twisty country roads through beautiful woods finally leads you to Camp NoBeBoSco, a Boy Scout camp. I only snapped a few photos from the entrance to the camp, because, well, a random guy roaming around a Boy Scout camp by himself taking photos is a great way to ruffle some feathers...


Some towns take pride in their local football team or their annual apple festival or maybe even a famous hometown celebrity, but Blairstown, NJ proudly celebrates its place in horror movie history. 

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