By Tatiana Parent

Let’s get real here. We’re talking almost a quarter million acres of wilderness prairies, eroded buttes and pinnacles. Those miles and miles of dry plains you see even have a kickass name- they’re called The Wall (not as epic as Game of Thrones, but still pretty amazing). And half of the park is co-managed by the Oglala Lakota Nation, which is the second-largest American Indian Reservation in the country. If all that’s not reason enough for you to drop everything you’re doing and hop in the car, then here are 5 more reasons why Badlands National Park is so totally badass…


5.) Castle Trail is a moderate hike that takes you past this insane view:

Castle Trail Dawn 2

4.) You can visit a freaking nuclear missile control center at Minuteman Missile National Historic Site!

Minuteman II ICBM in missile silo at the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site, near Wall, South Dakota, USA

3.) It’s where the buffalo roam!

shutterstock_60303937 2

2.) Not into hiking? No problem! Badlands Highway 240 Loop Road  takes you past plenty of incredible geological wonders.

Scenic roadway in Badlands National Park, South Dakota 2

1.) And this sunset.

Sunset over the Badlands of South Dakota 2


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