If you've ever wanted to live out your fantasy of recreating Beyonce's music video for Naughty Girl, look no further than the Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, where you can take a bubble bath in a seven-foot-tall Champagne glass. Yes, this actually exists.

A holdover from the 80s (obviously), the Whirlpool Bath-for-Two is the pride and joy of Cove Haven's northeastern Pennsylvania resort, proving so popular that its three Champagne Glass suites would have to be reserved as early as a year in advance. 


The lavish, four-level suites also feature a saunaa gigantic, round bed under a "celestial ceiling", which is just a fancy way of saying that they've painted the stars on the ceiling. Depending on your mood, you can decide between Egyption or Roman suite stylings, but when it comes to tacky, you don't have a choice. The only thing you're missing is a bucket of cocaine and INXS on the radio.


If you want to take a bath in a giant glass of bubbly and recreate the cover of a bad 80's romance novel, you can head to Cove Haven in Lakeview, Pennsylvania, but you better bring a friend - the resort is strictly couples only, so if you're flying solo, you ain't gettin' in.