With the camping season almost upon us, you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to parking the family RV or pitching your trusty tent. However, if you want to experience a little more than just marshmallow roasting and bird watching, you could always spend the night at Camp Comfort Park in Ojai, California, home to more of the county’s spookiest urban legends than you can shake a stick at.

There are so many creepy tales behind Camp Comfort that it’s hard to keep track of them all. The most famous, however, is the story of "Char Man". In the center of Camp Comfort there exsists a large bridge, known to locals as "Char Man’s Bridge". Said to be a hideous, evil spirit, Char Man lurks in the nearby forest watching and waiting for unsuspecting campers to wander his way.


The origins of Char Man are varied, but he’s most often described as having burnt, peeling skin and smelling of putrid flesh. Legend says that as the area became more popular, Char Man migrated deeper into the woods... though he’ll make a special appearance for anyone brave enough to piss him off. Motorists brave enough to park their cars on the bridge and challenge him to come out of hiding have even reported being attacked. 

Char Man is just one of many legends surround Camp Comfort. Another famous tale involves the ghost of a bride who campers say haunts the park, complete with a bloodied dress. According to the legend, she was murdered on her wedding day by her husband. 

Another famous resident  of the spooky Camp Comfort is the Ojai Vampire, who was said to have relocated from Spain to the desolate woods around the park in 1890. He’s described as appearing in the form of a large black dog, or even a skeleton moving quietly throughout the woods. 

“[The Vampire] acquired a small ranch and kept a low profile. However, as soon as he arrived, local cattle began turning up dead and drained of blood. Shortly thereafter locals were assaulted by strange wolf like creatures. The townsfolk got up in arms and realizing that a vampire was in their midst, raided the vampire's ranch during the day.” - Weird CA

Many believe the legend of the Ojai vampire is associated with a small family cemetery that may have once been on the land before it became the Camp Comfort Country Park. Either way, the legend of the Ojai vampire lives on to terrify campers brave enough to go seeking him out.



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