Everyone is a fan of the “staycation”, well most of us are at least. One of America’s most famous staycation destinations, Adventure Suites, is even cooler than you might remember. Famous for its dragon themes, treehouses, and cave suites, there are a few rooms that you might not even know existed, and now thanks to these handy virtual tours, you can choose your adventure well in advance! 

Back in the day, Adventure Suites was once the Cross Country Motel, a run-of-the-mill motel strip along the highway. It wasn't until 1998 when Kathy Brassill bought the property, that construction began to turn it from a regular old hotel, into kitschy motel heaven.

Always wanted to spend the weekend in a cave? This primitive paradise comes with bats, panthers, tigers, and antique artifacts. There's also a hot tub grotto, a waterfall shower, a sleeping cavern, and a tunnel. Don't believe me? Here's a quick tour! 

If you and your friends are looking to get weird on the dance floor all weekend long, there's always "The Club" suite. A 10 person, 800-foot, two-story room, that comes equipped with a 10 foot-tall lighting system, stereo, and even an LED 6 x 6 foot wide dance floor. There's also a dance cage, hemp wall, and dance pole, where you can twerk the night away. What awesome creepy dance party would be complete without a five-person LED lit hot tub, a bar, and a black light graffiti mural. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.23.50 AM

If you’re looking for something a little less Lord of the Rings and a little more Easy Rider, the "Motorcycle Room" might be perfect for you. Recently souped-up with a 50 jet hot tub and remote controlled skylight, the room is even equipped with an automatic garage door opener that leads right into the parking lot. This room is so legit it even comes with an old Harley Davison oil tank toilet paper holder. Weekends in the "Motorcycle Madness" suite will set you and your old lady back 400 bucks, and when you think about all the perks (including a hot tub you can take a swim in) it’s worth it!

If you’ve got a wine lover in your life, the "Wine Cellar" is probably going to be like their version of heaven. Less quirky than many of the other suites, this room comes with a brand new seven person jacuzzi, and a handcrafted wine sink and bar, complete with all the boozy bells and whistles. 

Another favorite is also one of the most romantic suites in the hotel. If you’ve got an anniversary coming up, the "Victorian Spa" is sure to get anyone in the mood. Filled from top to bottom with mahogany, stained glass, and amazingly detailed woodworking, the Victorian also comes with a private sauna, gravity fed toilet (I have no idea what that is either), and a heart shaped hot tub. How very Victorian. 

If you're not interested in getting a little bit goofy this probably isn't the place for you. Yes, it's true, the hotel is pretty campy, but that's the point, and that's what makes it a fun place to stay. No matter what your "thing" is, Adventure Suites will have a room to set your inner staycationer free.

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